Water Wall Panels

We are pioneers in developing water wall panels made up of high-grade material. These water wall panels are used in  boilers utilized in varied industries. These panels replace the steam generating tubes to lower down the heat loss due to their gas tight nature and also decrease the insulation charges. Based on latest technology, we manufacture water panels in different sizes as 50.8mm OD x 5.6mm MWT conforming to SA- 210 GR and lengths up to 24 meters. x max.28 tubes (2 mtrs. wide) with straightness within a tolerance of + / - 3mm. Our best offered water panels use automatic Finned Tubes welding machines and large tube panel benders to get customized shape of panels which possess swaged ends, stub welded to headers. We offer these panels having integrated manhole openings at both ends. Also, we can provide such water panels as per custom specifications and designs of our valued patrons.


  • Durable
  • Robust design
  • Long shelf life
  • Different sizes and lengths
  • Manhole openings at both ends
  • Easy to use